Here comes Ronzinante, the travelling playground!

fianco-sx-aperto_foto_lunga.jpgA close relative of the ApeCamper, this is the expanding game room on wheels.
Designed and built entirely in our shops, this short wheelbase Renault Trafic van is fitted according to the customer's needs for  running outdoor educational workshops for children, including the stowing of specific equipment. The whole body is air-brush decorated (no adhesive graphics).retro-chiuso.jpgA rear multicolored  tail stretches out 6,5 meters, straight or bent.trequarti-aperto-post-sx.jpgtrequarti-chiuso-post-dx.jpgA striped veranda unfolds over the side door. Built-in wood cabinets and crates on wheels are fitted inside, plus room for chairs, tables and stools is provided. This vehicle is equipped with a generator, built-in wiring, a video projector and its roll up screen, a multimedia sound system, and portable light stands for night operation.trequarti-chiuso-post-sx.jpg
Do you want one too? Write to lafabbricadelludobus@apecamper.it





Surveyor Zirilli

il_geometra_zirilli_rincasa_da_una_giornata_in_ufficio.jpgDavide Bignami

"surveyor Zirilli gets home from a day at the office"
vectorial drawing on alluminum, series of 10 prints cm 120x160






the surveyoril_geometra.jpg





5_sedie.jpgDavide Bignami
"Five chairs",

project for an installation, acrylic on wood
cm 39x45



project for an installation, acrylic on wood
cm 30x41


Apecamper live on state television Rai2

On 29.3.2011 the Apecamper was presented at "i fatti vostri" conducted by mr.Magalli.
Not exactly a brilliant idea...axe_in_tv.jpg