An Apecamper

An apecamper is an oxymoron. It's a moped, the typical vehicle driven by someone who doesn't need to leave his/her daily path, and at the same time a motorhome, the symbol of comfortable, technological and independent travel. Bystanders will watch you drive by with intrigued looks on their faces. There's a comical aspect in a journey by apecamper because it's a funny looking tricycle, it is odd to see it approaching a curve at full "speed" or doing a U turn in just about one meter. There's also a poetical side to it, since in the "living cell" of this inadequate vehicle you are carrying your own belongings, your private space, your intimacy.Screenshot-GIORNO_03-4.png


Praise of slowness: the video

Coming soon:
Eloge de la lenteur, a video by Pedro Bianchini documenting the Apecamper journey to the Nomadic Village 2013 in Cuges les Pins, Marseille-Provence, France.Screenshot-GIORNO-03-4-ESP-PROVA-B.mpg-2.jpg


The praise of slowness

mappa-nomadic-village-2013.gifThe praise of slowness, Marguzzo-Cuges les Pins 9/23 - 10/7  2013

by Davide Bignami

with Pedro Bianchini

A 600 km journey from Italy to France with the smallest possible mobile home built on a Piaggio Ape 50cc tricycle. A 1981 orange Volkswagen van as support vehicle. The inevitable road movie filmed along the way. A travelling silkscreen workshop to print on demand tee-shirts to promote the nomadic stance. This slow moving convoy will join the network of other nomadic artists gathering at Nomadic Village 2013 in Cuges les Pins last week of september.ailleurs_silkscreen_print_on_t-shirt.jpg


twitter: @apecamper

facebook: a Marsiglia in apecamper




How to support the project


Now you can directly support the project The Praise of Slowness from the page kapipal.com/apecamper!!

Soon I will publish a presentation video where I thoroughly explain what it is and why I do it, in full version on kapipal and divided in 4 thrilling episodes on FB.


Below, in constant update, a big thank you to all who supported the project:

-Andrea Venturi and Associazione Mercurdo from Castelvetro di Modena, creators of the Biennale of the Absurd and owners of the 'Apecamper, for lending the vehicle;

-Mulino La Grande Ruota dei f.lli Coffinardi, for the transport of the Apecamper;

-Silvia Bagassi, for her support;

-Gimmi Mezza, for his support;

-Platano Maduro, for his support;

-Anna Bignami, for her support;

-Anonymous 1 and 2, for their support;

-Dharma Ferrari, for his support;

-Staff at A la Cave wine store in Brescia and Michela Lovera for the first fundraising aperitif;

-All friends who came to the aperitif;

-Sara Monteverdi, for her support;

-Staff at MZOO13 and Ampelio Zecchini for the second funfraising aperitif in the Expozoone;

-All participants to the castle aperitif, for drinking for a good cause;

-PUNTO MOTO Bovezzo as a technical sponsor, for a supply of high performance 2 stroke oil;

-PNEUS MARKET on via Lamarmora, Brescia, as a technical sponsor, for supplying 3 new reinforced tires 3.50-10;

-Simona Gadeschi and Anonymous 3, for their support;

-Nientedinuovo.it di Emanuele Garatti, for his support;

-PaintSyndicate.com, for their support;

-Riccardo and Manuela Facchetti, for their support;

-Andrea Ghidini, coop Karibu and fairtrade kiosk in the Villa Glisenti park for the aperitif in Villa Carcina;

-All participants to the Villa Glisenti aperitif, for drinking for a good cause;

-Erika Ruggeri e Anonimo 4, for their support;

 -The mayor mr Papozzi, council member mr Freddi and the fabulous Bric a Brac for the fundraising concert in Paitone;

 -All participants to the fundraising aperitif at the Paitone town fair, for drinking for a good cause;

 -Catia Spagnolo, for her support;

 -Il revisionario, Andrea Piantoni, Tonylight and Villa No for the aperitif at the Villa No;

-All participants to the Villa No aperitif, for drinking for a good cause;

 -Fabian and Murad Odeh, for lending their motorhome in replacement of the VW  van;

-Riccardo Gandini as technical sponsor, for the amazing quantity and variety of electronic equipment;

 -Tape Tinelli, for the metal stands on which the nomadic silkscreen rests;

-SERIGRAFIA SERILOGO DI REZZATO as technical sponsor, for counselling, assistance and equipmeny;

-Winemaker VALENTINO MUSATTI as technical sponsor, for supplying his quality organic wines for the journey

 -Sara Mosconi, for video assistance and William Fanelli, for lending an extra monitor;

-Nicola Montagna and
Andrea Fusari, for their support;

-Friends who helped and hosted us along the way:  Tommaso Verga and family in Pancarana; Elena and Dario in S.Benedetto Belbo; F.Toussaint in Gavenola ; Elisa and Francesco in Airole; Richard Roehl in St.Vallier de Thiey; Giampaolo Filippini, on the road support.





Wine fields

esempio_mobile_A3.jpgespositore_giacimenti.jpggiacimenti_1.jpggiacimenti_2.jpgcabinets for a wine store designed in our studios